WELCOME TO Metazone int.(Pvt) Ltd.


According to Metazone Int. terms and conditions

If a person invests in Metazone Int. then company will make the investor an online mart according to his/her invested amount. Moreover to runup that online mart, the company's staff is responsible.The profit gained by that online mart and products is given to the stakeholder.

If the investor requests withdraw within 6months then investor's money will be returned, (15% charges applied) and online mart is taken back from the investor.

If someone withdraw money after 6 months on a notice of 1 month then total amount will be returned back without any charges applied.

Metazone Int. completely do legal documentation with its investors and if the online mart get lose then MetazoneInt. gets all the responsibilty.

In any case of dispute,Metazone Int. has the right to decide and that decision can't be challenged in any court.

These terms and conditions can be upgraded according to the time and it is to be agreed by every investor if they want to work with Metazone Int.

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